Tuesday, 16 February 2010

I got myself a bargain! Or did I ?

As I said before, you may find a million (or was it zillion) reasons not to buy a boat. Conversely, you can find as many to buy one. Here was my excuse:

As I said, the T24 was offered with a six-month paid marina berth which, alone was worth nearly half the price of the boat. And the fact that I did not have to find storage or arrange mooring straight away gave me peace of mind. It also came with a 1996 Yanmar 1GM10 engine which I think goes for about another half of the total amount I paid. So even if the boat was in a really bad state, I'm still not going to lose a lot of money. And according  to the seller, the hull, sails and engine were all in a pretty good condition,

I got myself a bargain! Her name is Ting-a-ling. If you've met her before, please drop my a line.

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