Friday, 19 February 2010


Finding out about boat repairs became my latest obsession. As I frequently talk about obsessions here, I need to clarify that when I say obsession I do mean it: it's something I think about all the time and I devote almost all my energy to it, without necessarily achieving the desired my obsessions come an go.

Most of the research I did was online in an effort to minimise my expenses which are bound to mount if I want to make the repairs. I found out about the different types of wood: there's hardwood and softwood - I never knew about that distinction. Then I found out about the properties of different species of wood: teak, mahogany etc. I checked wood prices. Then I though tabout the tools I'd require. And the possibility of having to unstep the mast, which I do not like at all to be honest.. as it probably means that I'll have to take the boat out of the water.

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