Friday, 19 February 2010

Third visit - oh oh

Third visit to Ting-a-ling. I opened the cabin hatch and guess what I see? It was again flooded with about a foot of water... Hmm.. I thought - it's not the snow. What is it?? I saw a drop of water coming from the coach roof and went  to see what it was. As I entered the forward cabin and tried to close the cabin door (which also serves as the heads door) I realised that the door would not fully close - it got stuck on the top of the bulkhead which was a bit deformed and compressed. I went out to the deck to check the mast step - the coach roof had collapsed under the mast step and there were cracks. I poured some water to see if it came out the other way and sure enough it did. That's it I thought! This is where the water is coming in from. But that was not my main concern anymore.. How would I repair the mast step / coach roof etc.?? It sounded like a big job to me at the time. The seller said everything was fine!!?? Sure he did.. Buyer Beware!

When I went back home that evening I started reading about repairs.I emailed a very helpful guy that I had met on YBW and he told me that the same thing had happened to his mate's T24 and how they repaired it. It was two days work for them. I thought that this translated to about two months for me..

Anyway, I started reading about woodwork. I had never done any woodwork in my life. Not that I'm bad with DIY, I just have never done anything serious..Changing the oil on my motorbike and putting together an Ikea bed was probably the best experience I had. And that's not woodwork! I thought I might take a short course - it's always been something I'd really like to do anyway. Making my own furniture was always a dream I had. But I never got up to it, mainly due to lack of space. However when I visited a friend's newly-bought house in Cambridge and I saw the shed at the back of the garden I was very envious. I offered to do any DIY at his place if I could use the shed. I never did.

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