Wednesday, 17 February 2010

There's work to be done

When I bought Ting-a-ling I did not expect that there would be much to do in order to get her up to a reasonable standard. By "reasonable standard" I mean a state that would allow her to sail safely in reasonable weather and sea conditions. To be fair, she wasn't in a bad state, but the one foot of water in the boat was quite a concern.. I thought the water came in through the deck as one of the chainplates was not properly sealed and an old wooden deck is expected to leak at some point anyhow (or not?). Plus the snow that was on the boat when I first saw her must have found its way in.. So it wasn't biggie unless it rained like hell for days and days - which, to be fair, is not that rare in this country.

Anyway, apart from that, the bulkheads are quite soft at some spots on the starboard side. It seems that the leak through the deck had rotted them away. I had spotted that in the first place and this was the major piece of work that I thought I had to do. Also, the attachment point for the starboard lower shroud was rotten - on the port side this consisted of a wood board attached to the bulkhead and to the hull via a GRP base. The wood was simply not there on the starboard side. It needed fixing but I thought at that time that it was not urgent. What was I thinking?

There were other bits and pieces too. But I really thought that most of it would be cosmetic.. There was no water pump and no stove - I needed both. Also the heads had some problem which needed attention.

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