Thursday, 25 March 2010

More progress

The plan for this weekend was to install the new bulkhead. In order to do the tabbing though, the hull had to be properly prepared first, which meant taking off all paint and smoothing the surface. I bought a new corded drill and a wirebrush just for this job as the cordless drill kept on dying all the time. This job was very messy - I got dust all over the boat and it didn't look look like a healthy environment to work in. I later discovered that I could pull off all the remaining tabbing which essentially eliminated the need to take off the paint first. However, this was also a difficult job as the tabbing was very tough to take off and I kept on cutting my hands trying to pull it off. In the end I was left with the smooth surface of the hull..

The new plywood for the bulkhead and chainplate attachment had arrived so I spent Sunday morning cutting out the new pieces. I bought a jigsaw for this job and it worked a treat as my Bosch multi-tool saw would have been a pain for this job.Sunday was a beautiful day.. I could now see the light at the end of the tunnel - I had all the equipment and material to get Ting-a-ling sailing again.
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