Monday, 19 April 2010

A big mess

I hadn't been to the boat in three weeks as I was away to Greece for easter. As much as I want to finish work on Ting-al-Ling, the roast lamb, family, sun and sea lured me away.

I re-visited Ting-a-Ling this weekend with quite low expectations really, as I wasn't sure I'd be able to do much. The next job on the list was to build the chainplate knee. This was quite tricky as the inside angle between the knee and the hull was difficult to glass. I reinforced the knee-chainplate attachment with two bars of 316 stainless steel to provide a stronger bond. However, the glassing did not go perfectly well as there were right angles where I couldn't get an air free bond.. I do hope though that it is strong enough to withstand more stress than the shroud can..

The lack of proper tools made the job even more difficult as my Bosch multitool struggled to cut through the stainless steel bars. And while drilling the holes on the bars I managed to break all the steel drillin g bits.. Frustrating.. Meanwhile, the weather was perfect and I kept thinking that if I had spent a bit more money I would be sailing instead of being stuck iat the marina doing dirty boat work. But I'll get over it.
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