Friday, 2 April 2010

Project management

When I started this project I thought it would be a good idea, perhaps a necessity to use some proper project management methods to de-construct the project into smaller ones and deal with the complexities. This seemed to me to be the only way to deal with the fact that I had no idea how to go about organising and doing the work step by step. I used a free online service for this (called Zoho projects) which helped me get my head around the various tasks. However, I soon discovered its limitations, such as the lack of resource planning tools (at least for the free version) and essentially gave up on this approach. And while I knew what tasks needed to be done, every time I arrived at the boat to do the work I never carried out the tasks as planned.. Instead I followed a guerilla approach, tackling tasks as I thought necessary at the time. I must admit now that while this method works, there's always something that you will miss, it could be a tool, a minor task that you should have done but forgot and now it's too late.. I may try to find another project management tool as it can really help simplify the work.
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