Thursday, 6 May 2010

Almost there! Where?

The weather forecast for this weekend predicted showers and very low temperatures. But work on Ting-a-Ling had to go on, come rain or come shine. First thing I did was to attach the lower shroud to the now repaired chain-plate. That gave me immense satisfaction as it was the conclusion of my first major repair job. There are a few tasks left for this job but these are mostly cosmetic.

I then had to detach the main shroud in order to repair the chain-plate knee for this main shroud chainplate. This knee was a bit tricky as all my measurements seemed to be inaccurate. This has already resulted in me wasting quite a lot of good quality marine plywood. I ended up using a patchwork of bits of cardboard in make a template of the right shape and size. I know I’m an amateur..

I also had to drill holes in the 6mm stainless steel backing plates - my previous efforts to this had resulted in several broken drill bits. Luckily, a colleague offered to drill the holes as he had better tools than me..and more DIY experience. He did a really good job!

To cut a long story short, I have now done most of the work required for the chainplates and will probably assemble everything next weekend. This means that I will be able to sail in a couple of weeks. Of course, the mast compression issue remains.. but I decided that this is a risk I’m willing to accept for a little while in order to enjoy some sailing. get feed

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