Saturday, 19 June 2010

I'm connected

Till now Ting-A-Ling has served as a retreat; from the city, work, people, anything. However this has now changed. The internet is here! This weekend I brought my laptop as I had some work to do.. And I just got my marina Wi-Fi connection going. So now I am connected. I can't say I'm too happy for that but surely it's good to have an internet connection on the boat.. Only problem is I have to be at the cockpit to get a decent signal. Crap! get feed

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  1. Hi nice boat you have there, i have a T31 and yes also some of the same problems as you with regards the ingress of water. every time as i prepare to open the hatch i already have the image in my head of the indoor pond. And sure enough pond it is. Striping the rotten ply from the deck at present. I too have found myself strangely loyal and attached to my boat (Mome Rath)and look forward to getting her off the hard standing and back at sea where she is well and truly at home. This time i will do the right thing the right way and not cut corners or else it will be another shore based summer next year. Worthy of your investment Ting A Ling was a good move, i wish you well with her and good health to sail.