Thursday, 29 July 2010

An alternator is a good thing to have..

..but as I've said before mine is faulty and that means that I cannot recharge my batteries when I don't have access to shore power. Previously I've dealt with that by making sure my only working battery was fully charged before setting off and not starting the engine many times while I'm away. But obviously that is a bit risky.. 

So I got a quote for repairing it and it was quite steep (£100). I thought I could do better than that and found a second hand for around £50 on ebay, which I didn't buy in the end as it was missing the pulley. Then I thought about repairing my alternator myself but I wasn't entirely sure what was wrong and it seemed slightly complicated to find out and actually repair it so I ended up buying a similar alternator on ebay for £110.. So now I have an alternator and I'm quite happy about that. get feed

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