Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Time vs. money

I can't say I'm really happy with this decision but I took Ting-a-Ling to a boatyard to have the coachroof professionally repaired. The person at the boatyard was very helpful and wondered whether it's worth repairing as the cost would be quite high - about half of what I've spent to buy the boat. He advised me on how to repair it myself but for me it was a matter of time vs. money. I will be away for 10 days in July and I want to do some sailing in August so the only option is to have someone repair it as I don't think I can do it on my own before the end of July... Also, just to have the mast stepped/unstepped would be quite a lot of money even if I did the work myself.

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  1. An owners club or forum for Thompson's would be great as they are mine of info. I could use some advice regarding re decking and other jobs. Re your coach roof, Sail this year keep an eye on things including the weather and fix the roof on the hard standing over the winter.
    Boat yards tend to charge a fortune no matter what the job, OK if you have it but not all yacht owners are wealthy, myself included. harve90@ntlworld.com

  2. Hello, thanks for the advice - too late now though as the coachroof is repaired. If you do manage to get some info re. re-decking I'd be very interested to hear from you as I've got a big hole in my deck which I've temporarily patched.. Also deck leaks almost everywhere. Whereabouts are you based?