Monday, 9 August 2010

And yet some more..

Finally, after more than a month I was able to do some work on the boat! After some hassle trying to find a ladder to get up the boat and trying to find the keys to the boat, I inspected the toilet seacocks that the boatyard installed. They look good and safe. However, the chap who repaired them told me they were completely unsafe before and recommended that we check the other ones too. Maybe I'll do that myself as I'd like to find out how to do it.

Then I went to the local chandlers and bought some antifoul paint. I went for Flag Cruising black which was quite cheap at £30 per 2.5lt.I also wanted to buy a new anode for the propeller shaft but I didn't know the diameter so will do that next time.

Then I started sanding the hull to prepare it for the antifoul. I started doing it by hand but quickly gave up as it was quite tiring and I resorted to my bosch multitool which did a pretty good job although that wasn't easy either. It was very messy and I ended up with a lot of blue dust on my clothes. I managed to do the port side only as I had to get back to London and would go back next day to do the rest and then apply the antifoul during the week.

However, things rarely go to plan.. On that night I had an accident on my motorbike and injured my knee. So now it will have to wait at least for a couple of weeks if not longer. Needless to say that I'm quite disappointed.. get feed

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