Wednesday, 4 August 2010

More grief but I got a working toilet so it's fine

I had asked the boatyard that carried out the coachroof repairs to try to get the toilet seacocks unstuck as nothing I've tried has worked.. They said they would and I persuaded them to do it for free as I thought it would be pretty straightforward and easy. They said OK. Yesterday I got a call from them telling me that it was quite a bit more complicated as the mounting bases were all rotten and that they needed to replace these and that did incur some cost - they have not told me how much that cost but they reassured me that it would not be "astronomical" - I am a bit worried as even £100 right now seems quite astronomical to me.

Anyway, the end result is that I'm feeling a bit let down by myself for getting into this whole situation, starting from buying the boat to giving it to the boatyard to repair it. It seems that the situation has got a bit out of hand money-wise and I need to get on top of it soon, seeing as though I have paid lots of money and have yet to get a days' sailing this summer.. I am frustrated. get feed

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