Friday, 1 October 2010

Some progress at last

I'd not visited the boat in more than a month and a half since I had the accident. The leg is still in a poor condition but I thought I'd better go to the boat and get on with the work as the weather is not going to get any better and the repaired wood needs to be painted otherwise it might start rotting again..

So I hired a van, bought some plywood to rebuild the shelves on the starboard side, picked up a friend and headed for the boat. One of the reasons I hired the van (apart from the fact that I don't really want to ride my bike for any long distances) is that I wanted to take out everything from the boat and put it in some storage space so I can then inspect the boat and do my work in a bit more comfort. Currently there is so much clutter and junk in the boat that it's very difficult to work in there.

In the end I didn't take out anything as there was a carnival in town and the road would close for several hours so we wouldn't be able to use the van to carry stuff to the storage space. Plus I thought of just moving the boat from its current location as it's not very convenient and is right on the high street and everybody can see me working on it so I don't feel very comfortable making noise or being very messy..

Anyway, my friend was very helpful and urged me to get our work done quickly. We sanded down the s/b side of the hull that I hadn't done the last time I was at the boat and then applied the antifouling. The whole process took about four hours. It could be done in a shorter time but the roller brushes we had were simply crap and I went through at least 5 rollers.. get feed

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