Saturday, 23 October 2010

An update

It was about time I decided whether I wanted to keep the boat out of the water or in for the winter. The plan was that after I´d finished with major repairs I´d put it back in so that I could do some sailing and some other repairs that I could do while afloat.

To cut a long story short, I decided to leave it out of the water as I still wanted to check the rest of the thru-hull fittings and other things that could not be done while the boat was afloat. Also, last time I visited the boat the water had risen above the floorboards, obviously rainwater, but I was very concerned about having it afloat with so much water coming in..

I also had to take the mast down again to get it to the area where it would be stored. This was obviously quite expensive. I took the sails off for the first time and saw that the genoa was in a very good condition. The mainsail is quite tired and I could do with a new one.

One of the main jobs right now is to find where the water enter the boat and fix that. I know it will be very difficult to seal all the areas where water is coming in as the wooden deck is not in a very good condition.. If I get around to learning about deck repairs I'll try to change/repair as much of it as I can..

And I've just went through my expenses list for the boat and realised I've now spent double what I paid to buy the boat on maintenance, repairs and equipment... And I've still got loads to fix and buy. get feed

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