Friday, 31 December 2010

My free icemaker

I was expecting the worst next time I would visit the boat as I hadn't been there for about 2 and a half months. The reason was firstly, I that I had a knee operation which went well and secondly it's freezing cold so I did not dare ride my bike there, even if I could start it. Meanwhile, it snowed heavily and rained a little bit so I expected lots of water inside apart from any engine issues (I did not "winterise" it..).

And that's exactly what I saw when I open the hatch. Only there was the added surprise of a thick layer of ice on top of the water. Free ice on a boat! Great! And the smell was terrible, everything was bloody damp. Luckily the battery was good enough to run the bilge pump and a couple of lights. I doubt that it can start the engine though but I didn't try as it's seawater cooled and the boat is on the hard at the moment.

The bilge pump was literally running for ages as the water was well above the floorboords (perhaps 7"). Meanwhile I started peeling off the tape I had used when antifouling, which I forgot to do then and it was now a pain to peel off. That took a while.

I repositioned the mast which had previously been taken down and was placed in a bit of awkward position and for the next couple of hours tried to cover the boat using a canvas cover that came with the boat and a tarpaulin I bought. It was quite an effort and I 'm not sure I did a great job as the covers could not reach the entire length of the boat plus the boat is quite high from the ground so not easy to do it from the ground. Anyway, I'm not going into further details, it's now 31 Dec and got to run off to some friends to welcome 2011. I'm glad I did the few little jobs I had to and will be more determined in the new year to finally do some sailing on Ting-a-Ling.

Happy new year.

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