Sunday, 5 December 2010

While I wait

I have no news regarding the boat. It is now on the hard at Prior's Boatyard at Burham-on-Crouch awaiting some TLC. But what with the injured knee, operation, chilly weather and lack of a decent means of transport (by decent I just mean of the enclosed form..) it's been difficult to get there and I'm worried that it's just rotting away.

Anyway, the reason I'm writing this is to share a link to a TV series I found on 4oD. Since I'm not doing any real boat work I can at least be a couch sailor and I really enjoy watching and reading anything that has to do with sailing. The series is called Classic Ships and consists of 6 episodes, starting from a review of the Roayl Yacht Britannia which was commissioned in 1893 and sparked the big yacht racing. I haven't watched all episodes yet but the first one is definitely worth watching.

Here it is:

I've also found this series called "Yachting and Sailing", again on 4oD. This is mostly dealing with yacht racing for both amateurs and professionals. Here it is: get feed

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