Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Long overdue update

I spent two weekends on the boat doing work in the past month. My new strategy revolves around this objective right now: "Get the boat on the bloody water and do some sailing". So no more attention to detail here - I realised that at the pace I'm working on the boat it will take me ages (years literally) to get it into the shape I would like it to be. It's just not gonna happen and I should just settle for less, i.e. a boat that doesn't look great but is seaworthy enough for light sailing.

The only thing missing right now is an echo sounder. There are two on the boat but none seems to be working. Once that is doen, the boat is good to go. Of course, it is almost September now and I've missed one more sailing season. But I intend to sail well into the winter to catch up.

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